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11 Dec

Wedding at Yaxley Hall

On a bright sunny day in December I was at Yaxley Hall in Suffolk for Eva’s wedding. She is pictured with her mother and sister-in-law who didn’t speak any English! Eva who is originally from Barcelona was my interpreter and when she wasn’t around there was a lot of hilarious sign language. Eva’s sister-in-law had got married last May and when I had done her hair and make-up she told Eva to tell me that she hadn’t looked that good on her own wedding day. Eva’s dress was stunning, it was a very soft pale grey/blue with loads of crystals around the neckline, unlike anything I had seen before on any of my brides. Her dress came from Spain. Eva told me that when she was looking for a hair and make-up artist she had liked my website because the brides were all different in age and style and she found finding photographs of brides with a fringe and glasses difficult. Her mother wanted to have big hair and a glamorous make-up, when she looked in the mirror she gasped and told Eva that I had taken 20 years off her. What a compliment! Then it was Eva’s turn, she wanted a very natural make-up so in between us giggling I used Chanel foundation because it is so light on the skin. Matte MAC eye shadows in Brule and Scene. No eye liner and minimal mascara and a MAC lip liner ‘Subculture’ with lip balm for a very natural lip. Her hair was a low chignon in the nape of her neck, very classical. She was thrilled with the results!