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09 May

I recently saw a Facebook live with another amazing vintage hair stylist doing a hair demo and she had soft crocheted/knitted hair curlers in , she had slept in them. I use sponge sleep in rollers but they have plastic clips to hold them in place so they are not 100% comfortable. I thought I would like to try the soft wool ones but I couldn’t find any where to buy them in the UK so I got my crochet hook out and made some and they were such a success that I thought I would share them with other vintage enthusiasts. I absolutely loved them, they were really easy to put in my hair ( see the video below) they were super comfy in bed and the curls they created were stunning and lasted 10 days ( I try not to wash my hair too often as it goes fluffy and the colour fades quickly). They are available in my Etsy shop ( )  crocheted using 100% cotton yarn. Comfee Curlers can be slept in over night to create wonderful soft bouncy curly hair. They come in three sizes, large are red, medium are blue and small are ecru/beige. They also come with a slumber net to wear over the rollers to keep them in place over night.

If you would like a different colour then please get in touch but there will be a longer wait, while I make them. They can be washed in the washing machine

For short fine hair hair I would use 15 Comfee Curlers
For medium thickness and shoulder length (midi) 15 -20 Comfee Curlers
For thick and/or long hair 25 Comfee Curlers