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12 Feb

Well the first wedding of 2015 didn’t disappoint ! Emma had some lovely quirky touches to her wedding, some planned, some not planned. On the morning of the wedding the vicar called to say that there was a power cut, so not light, no heat and no organ unless two strong men wanted to manually pump the organ (no innuendo I can assure you!) Emma didn’t go to pieces like some brides may, she embraced it and arranged loads of candles and blankets for light and warmth and two strong ushers agreed to pump the organ!

At the trial I always try to get some info on the details of the day so that get feel for the day and also so I have something interesting to tell you fabulous people, who take the time to read my blog. When I asked Emma who the designer of her dress was she replied ‘Lufus Mondungus’ which made me giggle as I thought he sounded like he should teach at Hogwarts. Emma admitted that might not be correct. She also told me that instead of a cake she was having a tower of donuts and her something blue was going to be all the female guests were going to sign the soles of her wedding shoes with a blue sharpie. Emma mum had naturally curly hair and wanted a loose boho plait and Emma wanted a very intricate low chignon and a vintage make-up. She had a fabulous hair vine for me to incorporate on the side and she was wearing a warm fur jacket. She had a tattoo and a mole on her back that she didn’t want to show in the evening when she took her jacket off so I used Artdeco camouflage make-up to disguise them. All together she looked amazing!

The honeymoon was to be in Wales and the bride and groom were going to do the longest zip wire in the WORLD!