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04 Feb


The side messy bun is a favourite at the moment for brides but also bridesmaids. It is simple and elegant and can be dressed up or dressed down. You could even do this for work, if you wanted to dress it up just add some sparkle i.e. crystal pins or a diamante comb.

1. You start by rolling the hair with heated rollers. I use heated rollers as they are the most effective way to get an even curl with root lift and the curl will last all day. You can use a gel spray on every section as you set it to give it hold and encourage the hair to curl.

2. Take the rollers out and place your hand in on the roots and shake the hair out to break up the sections and get rid of any partings.

3. Gently using you fingers like a wide tooth comb drag the hair over to the side that you would like the bun to be on and start to grip from the middle of the nape of the neck at the hair line in a semi circle to the back of the ear. Make sure that the grips are right on the scalp and that they criss cross over each other to make the base of the bun secure. If you would like any curls left around the face make sure to leave them out at this stage.

4. You have a side half up half down look and you could stop now if you like how it’s looking but you just need to cover the grips you have just put in with a little bit of the hair near the grips or you can continue to create the bun.

5. Spray some shine spray onto the mid length and ends of the curls hanging down and then divide the hair hanging down into five or seven sections (if you use 4,6,8 sections you will find the bun looks a bit square, it’s best to use odd numbers of sections) and pin each section up into a bun shape on the side of the head. Make sure to cover the original pins you put in in Step 3.

And there you have it! a side messy bun! have fun!